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You are Special Dragonfly

You are Special Dragonfly

Linda IsraelI was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest. The designer had a single dragonfly with a splash of color behind it that just made me want to take the idea and make it my own.

The goodie box from Brutus Monroe arrived with the Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays and I knew what I wanted to do right away!

Finding a plastic envelope I sprayed a little of the Sea Summer Chalk Shimmer Spray on the plastic. I then dropped a few drops of water as I wanted this to have a more fluid and move more for the next step which was to place a card front onto the spray and move it around. Once I got all of the Sea Summer Chalk Shimmer Spray onto the card I did the same step with the Sage.

I knew that this would be my top most layer and that my dragonfly would be stamped on here next. Using the Brutus Monroe Detail Ink Raven I stamped the dragonfly image and set this layer aside.


Playing with the Sprays is a lot of fun so I decided that I needed to create another layer, a mat for my dragonfly. I proceeded to spray a second card front with both of the same colors and I even used a little water on a brush to help move the color around. To get a nice dark rim around the page I sprayed ink on the same plastic envelope and then dipped the edges into the spray.

The card needed a few more touches and then I could start layering.. What could I use... Well I found one of my border punches and decided to do down one side of the card.

Border Punched paper

The phrase "You are Special!"  was stamped in the Brutus Monroe Detail Ink Raven.

You are Special!

The Dragonfly needed more color so I pulled out some metallic acrylic paint and using a fine point brush painted the dragonfly.

Painted Dragonfly

Time to start layering the card but wait one more thing... Glitter!!! I thought that it needed just a little bit of sparkle. Just remember that Glitter is just like Herpes, once you have it, you can't get rid of either! LOL Of course I just love sharing Glitter with everyone.. They are on their own on the other. ;)

Glitter on Dragonfly

One last detail was drawing a line down the side with the punched boarder. It is a small detail but I thought it was needed. The card is done and I think it turned out really cute. What a great card to remind someone how special they really are to you.

Finished Dragonfly Card

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