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Brutus Monroe - Reseller and Wholesale Policy (United Stated Edition)

In order to combat the ongoing threat of counterfeit products in the papercraft industry, Brutus Monroe has adopted the below policy. This policy was created as a guideline for consumers, wholesalers and distributors to streamline the reseller and wholesale process.

Brutus Monroe and its subsidiaries allows the sale of Brutus Monroe Branded products within the conditions that follow. As a Brutus Monroe Reseller or Distributor you have received a contract which outlines all policies and procedures of the sale of Brutus Monroe Products. Brutus Monroe only allows the sale of products from authorized dealers with a current wholesale or distribution agreement. 

Brutus Monroe does not allow the sale of products in new or used condition on any online market place or business domain without approval. Reselling of Brutus Monroe products is not prohibited when completed in a personal or non marketplace manner. Example: Tom would like to sell his gently used Brutus Monroe products in order to update his collection with new Brutus Monroe Items. Tom can sell his items without the aid of a third party selling platform, in person, or through a personal Facebook Page. 

Brutus Monroe sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to the Dealer Policy or have any communications with any Online Dealer regarding the terms or non-compliance with this Dealer Policy. All questions or comments regarding this Dealer Policy are to be directed to the policy administrator at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I allowed to ship outside of the country where my online store is located?

Yes, but you are only permitted to ship to the United States and its territories and to Canada.

2. I have an eBay Store. Can I sell Brutus Monroe Products on eBay?

No, eBay is not an approved sales channel for Brutus Monroe Products.

3. I have an Etsy Store. Can I sell Brutus Monroe Products on Etsy?

No, Etsy is not an approved sales channel for Brutus Monroe Products.

4. I have an Amazon Store Data Feed. Can I sell Brutus Monroe Products on

No, is not an approved Brutus Monroe sales channel for Online Dealers. Any site that does not redirect shoppers to your approved store to complete their purchase is not an approved sales channel. is an authorized reseller of Brutus Monroe Products only through its relationship directly with Brutus Monroe.

5. Can I advertise discontinued Products?

Although it is discouraged, Brutus Monroe Products that are discontinued by Brutus Monroe (in its sole discretion) at the end of a season (either for a season or permanently) may be featured in advertising for clearance or end-of-season sale events through the following media channels: online banner, portal (or comparison shopping engines), affiliate, email, mobile, print, out-of-home, television and radio advertising. Such advertising must clearly identify the Product as “discontinued.” A Product is considered “discontinued” if it is no longer listed in the Brutus Monroe Catalog Price List and Brutus Monroe MSRP List.

6. What website can the Products be sold on?

Brutus Monroe Products may only be advertised and sold on the single domain name that the Brutus Monroe Sales Team has previously approved and no other domain names.