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Brutus Monroe Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Brutus Bucks Program

What is the Brutus Bucks Program?

How do I earn points?

How can I spend my points?

I just made a purchase, why aren't my points available right away?

Do my points expire?

Can I transfer my Brutus Bucks points to another account?

Where do I enter my Brutus Bucks voucher, I only see a place for "gift card"?

Shipping and Handling

I just placed an order, when will it ship?

Who pays for customs?

When will my order ship, I haven’t received any shipping email?

The shipping notice said that my package was delivered but I do not see where it is supposed to be delivered to.

My shipment tracking says “Preshipment”, what does that mean?

Why is my shipping delayed?

How long do I have to pick up a store pick-up order?

At the top of the screen I qualify for free shipping, but on my order there is shipping being charged, why?

Brutus Monroe Subscription Products

I am new to Brutus Monroe, what subscriptions do you offer?

When will my subscription(s) ship?

My subscription item isn’t my style and I would like a refund or exchange.

I purchased subscription items and want to use ‘Store Pickup’, can I do so?

Are "Bonus" or "Exclusive" boxes part of the regular monthly subscription boxes?

Who is the International Stamp Club of the Month for?

How can I cancel my subscription?

Returns and Exhchanges

How do I return or exchange an item?

If my package was returned to Brutus Monroe, how do I receive my package?

My item is lost or stolen, what do I do?

My item never arrived and is showing "in transit", what do I do?

I would like a refund on my order.

How can I cancel a pre-order?

How can I cancel an event or class?

My Account

How do I change my address?

I would like notifications to be changed or canceled on my web browser.

I had more than one account. Can my points be combined and put all under one account?

I have more than one account. Can my purchase history be combined into one account?


Something is wrong with an item, but I didn’t buy it through Brutus Monroe.

I have duplicates of an item, can I return it to Brutus Monroe?

My package is damaged, can I get a refund or have it replaced?

Is there a way of reserving items?

What happens if I order an item that is Out of Stock?

If I wanted to repurchase items that were damaged in transit. Can I get the sale price for my repurchase?

I pre-ordered items, plus other items. Can I get some of the items in my order before the pre-order item(s) ship?

I purchased an online class, how do I get the other items I placed with the online class order?

Can I have a list of Brutus Monroe's manufacturers and product sources?

Can you please send me free samples of products?

Can I exchange or swap out one item for another within my order?

What is Brutus Monroe's Angel Policy?

Promotions, Freebies and Codes

I can’t get a promotional code or a freebie isn’t working, can I complete my order and get a refund or item?

When I put my code in it keeps saying "Invalid", why?

My order contained a promotional "Freebie" item, but it was missing from my order.

Where do I enter my discount code if I only see a place for "Gift card"?

Can I cancel an order to get a Promotion or Freebie offer?

Studio Store

How does "Store Pickup" work?

How long do I have to pick up a "Store Pickup" order?

I purchased online, but I chose “Free Store Pickup” and now I can not pick it up, how can I get my items?

I am coming to an event and would like to have items to be picked up.

Where can I park if I am going to the Studio Store in Pittsburgh?


I asked a question on live broadcast by Brutus Monroe and no one got back to me, why not?

I sent a question through social media messenger and no one got back to me, why not?

I sent a message on Saturday/Sunday and no one got back to me.