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Valentine’s Day card

Valentine’s Day card

Hi friends, Luisana here with a new card using Brutus Monroe amazing products.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner it seems and so why not make another Valentine’s card to give to your special someone, or in my case, for one of my kids to give to their teacher. 

I knew going in that I wanted to make something that included both the stencil of the month and this cute butterfly heart stamp. 

I went ahead and stamped the butterfly in the center of my card panel using raven detail ink  and from there I got inspired to make a background with the stencil, so I made a mask (you’ll know all about masking if you read last week’s blog hop post!) and covered my butterfly. I placed my stencil in the very center and I picked some beautiful vibrant surface inks to apply color using these blending sponges. The result was just gorgeous. Surface inks are so pigmented and each block is so juicy, they were a dream to work with, and blend.  When I was happy with my coloring I removed the stencil and the masking and my beautiful butterfly appeared to be in front of the heart background. 

I colored her using copic markers. For inspiration I searched online for photos of real butterflies until I found one I loved. I made some subtle changes to the wings to personalize her to me and added highlights using a gel pen.

For the sentiment I went with this stamp set, I stamped it below my butterfly using raven detail ink.

Lastly, I placed my card panel on a teal color base and my card was finished. I am so happy with how it turned out.

That’s a wrap for me for this week.  I’ll come back next week with another project for you to see.  I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you were inspired to create your own ending. 

Until next week.  Much love,



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