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Spooky Art Journaling with Jenn DuBell for Brutus Monroe

Spooky Art Journaling with Jenn DuBell for Brutus Monroe

Hello everyone! I am such a huge fan of the holiday season and eespecially Halloween! So if you are anything like me and have seen this stamp set from Brutus Monroe it's a must have!

For this week I chose to do an art journal panel and just grab a bunch of fum Brutus Monroe products and let my creativity spill on the page so to speak!

The photo above shows all of the goodies I laid out before starting my page. Here is the list of what I used:

Chroma Mist Spray Tangerine Orange
Chroma Mist Spray Bumblebee Yellow
Aqua Pigment Magenta
Glitter Glaze Raven
Raven Detail Ink
Halloween Junk Journal Stamp Set
Hydro Wash Mimosa
White Gesso
Masking Paper
 have used several Brutus Monroe Stencils for this page. 
Slimline Stencil - Tangled Loops

Other supplies:
Clear Gesso
Various stamps
Paint brush
Collage Medium
Various stencils
baby Wipes
Clear embossing powder
heat Tool

When i started this page I had what I am calling a "Happy Accident" with my glitter glaze. I doscovered that applying it in swipes across the paper created the look of a "swarm" of bats or insects. I loved it!

As with all art journaling the process comes to you as you go. I had this Halloween scene in mind and just added things as I created. Here are a few tips that may help.

*Start with a blank clean page. The paper should be one that is meant for wet or dry mediums when art journaling.

*Apply clear gesso to page and either dry with a heat tool or air dry before adding color.

*Dry every layer before starting a new one.

* Use a damp cloth or wrung baby wipe to remove color through stencils to add interest.

*Stamp random script and texture in black when creating the background before applying sprays. This will create a layered look. 

*Be sure to use a non-bleeding black ink for stamping or apply clear embossing powder to stamped imagery.

For my page, I stamped my images directly on the paper and then again on another page. The second stampings were colored, fussy cut, and then adhered over the stamped journal page. This added some detail and dimension.

I hope that you are inspired to grab an art journal and supplies and Create your own !

Thanks so much for viewing my post today! have an amazing crafty day!


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