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Non Traditional Merry Christmas Brutus Monroe Products

Linda Israel

Linda here with a Non Traditional  Merry Christmas Brutus Monroe Products greeting card.

The new Christmas Stamps have arrived and I'm loving these stamps. For this project I wanted to do something different. Everyone turns to the traditional red and green when it comes to Christmas, especially if there is a poinsettia involved. Here is when I decided that I would step outside of the norm and use non traditional colors and use a non traditional source for those colors.

The Brutus|Monroe used in this project:
Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sea and Sage
Embossing Ink
Metallic Embossing Powder - Sterling
Sketched Holiday
Holiday Sentiments

Have you used the Metallic Embossing Powder - Sterling? This embossing powder is beautiful. What I like about it is that it is truly a sterling color. When heating the powder I didn't smell that normal plastic smell. It makes it nice to use since I have allergies and usually have to wear a mask while embossing, with the Brutus|Monroe Metallic Embossing Powder - Sterling I don't anymore! 

Inked the new Christmas Flowers stamp with Brutus|Monroe Embossing Ink then covered with Metallic Embossing Powder - Sterling, heat until the powder has turned shinny. Do the same with the Merry Christmas Sentiment.

Spray one or two pumps into a palette or small container of the Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sea. Paint the Poinsettias, the more color you apply the darker it will become, what lighter areas, use less. Then using the same technique with the Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sage color in the greenery.

Non Traditional Merry Christmas Brutus Monroe Products

Did you know that cotton swabs are also art tools? Use one to dip into the Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sea and go around the edge of the foundation card, it will then give a pop of color that matches the project.

Layer the card, I used my ATG. On my card I had one drop of the spray land where I didn't want it, so I decided to make this a part of the design. Using a water soaked paint brush I dipped it into the palette and picked up the Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sea then splattered a few drops on the card.

The card needed one last element, BLING! I have a few packages of The Paper Studio Gemstones, it was time to use these. Tip when you want to use one gem at a time, cut between the gems with scissors to cut the adhesive. Cutting the adhesive makes it easier to pick up one stone at a time. Place the gems in the center of the Poinsettias and on the holly berries.

Non Traditional Merry Christmas Brutus Monroe Products

Video of this project:

This card is elegant and simple to make. Only a few products were used and the colors can be changed for your tastes. Next time you are about to create a Christmas card think outside the traditional red and green and try something Non Traditional and Have a Merry Christmas.


 Non Traditional Merry Christmas Brutus Monroe Products

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