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Mummy Happiest Halloween

Mummy Happiest Halloween

It's a Mummy Happiest Halloween!

This Chuck Carson Collection - Mummy set is super cute and fun to play with. I just had to make a Mummy Happiest Halloween card with it for everyone to see!

Mummy Happiest Halloween

Using the Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays - Sage allowed me to change the color of the window frame and the background paper. Remember if you have a piece of paper that you sorta like but you really want to change it to match, you can always paint it to match your project. Since I didn't have the matching ink pad I used a cotton swab dipped into the spray bottle to go around the sentiment. It gives it a nice pop of color.

Mummy Happiest Halloween

When you want to change the color of a background remember that ink pads can be used too. For the Mummy Happiest Halloween project I used Mini Chalk Ink Pad Collection: Winter - Suede. With a little help from a blending tool and a mask I was able to give a glow behind the mummy. Or you can pretend that the wall behind him has aged to a nice golden color.

Fibers or yarn is a great way to add texture to a project. I'm very frugal and will save yarn that is given to me or that I can pick up on sale. Check out that yarn isle at the store the next time you are out. Yarn isn't just for knitting a sweater, you can use it on your art!

Check out the video where I made the Mummy Happiest Halloween here:


Over all this was a fun project that I know anyone would be glad to display. I plan to display mine in my office. What are your plans for Halloween this year? Will it be a Mummy Happiest Halloween for you?

Mummy Happiest Halloween

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