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Lucky Star Book Marker and Page Clips

Lucky Star Book Marker and Page Clips

Summer is full of lazy days of reading and nights of gazing at the stars, so why not combine the two and make a fun book marker? 

Not only is this a book marker, it houses three clips to mark your spot in multiple books or places. I first trimmed down two pieces of cardstock and placed a transparency over it with stars. I made three small slits to put the planets and UFO. I used my Scan n Cut2 to cut out the pieces (I made two of each) after I had colored them in. I laminated them and adhered  back to back on a paperclip. Once they were dry I slid them into their spots on the book marker. 

You can find the ink and stamps to make all of these projects here: and follow me to see more Brutus Monroe inspired projects on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook under Betz Golden.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Betz Golden

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