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Aqua Pigment Safari Sunset Background

Aqua Pigment Safari Sunset Background

Hello Friends! Today I am sharing a fun safari sunset background that I made using some Aqua Pigments! Aqua pigments are so much fun to work with and so versatile!

The first thing I did was tape a piece of Aqua Pigment paper to a hard board - I used washi tape and taped all around each side. 

Next, I used a large round paintbrush to wet the entire piece of paper with water, you want it wet enough that you still see a sheen on the paper but not puddles of water laying there.

I used red and yellow aqua pigments to make this sunset. I put a couple drops of red, then next to it on my glass mat, I used red and yellow together, and next to that just yellow. Starting at the top of the paper, while it was still wet, and holding it up at a slight angle, I started painting across the colors in order - red, orange (yellow + red), yellow. You can repeat until you have the desired colors and blends. Make sure if you want the colors to blend that your paper is wet. If you paint on dry paper, you will get harsher lines and not the blended colors. 

When my panel was dry, I placed in in a heavy book and let it sit in there for a while to flatten. I then used stamps from the Safari Stamp set to stamp my scene. I wanted silhouettes on my safari sunset, so after everything was stamped, I colored it all in with a black marker. You can make any outline stamp a silhouette stamp by doing this!


I added a Conversation Clipping, and some black rhinestones. Then, I mounted my panel on black cardstock and then popped it onto a yellow card base to finish!

Product List:

Aqua Pigment paper

Red Aqua Pigment

Yellow Aqua Pigment

Safari Stamp Set

Safari Conversation Clippings

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