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April Guest Designer- Heather Collins!

April Guest Designer- Heather Collins!

We are more than happy to introduce Heather Collins to you! Heather will be on the blog during the month of April as one of our guest designers. We were fortunate to meet Heather in person during a class that Christopher Allen was teaching. Not only does she make cards but she is talented in mixed media as well! We look forward to seeing what she will create for Brutus Monroe this month!

Heather Collins

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi!  My name is Heather and I'm thrilled to be designing for Brutus Monroe!!!  I am a wife, and SAHM of two uniquely amazing children; a 10 year old girl and 7.5 year old boy.  When they don't have me running after them I enjoy doing a little bit of everything including, but not limited to 'mixed media', card making, ATCs, scrapbooking and quilt making.  I also enjoy crafting with friends when given the opportunity.   I find it very therapeutic and calming.  Although I must admit I do collect a ton!  Can't wait to share my journey with you.


How did you hear about Brutus Monroe? 

I am lucky enough to have stamp store not too far from my house.  During a visit, the new owner was getting new stock in and I instantly fell in love!   Of course that made me have to look up information on the internet.  I realized that I had met the owner.  Upon going back to that store I signed up for class taught by Christopher Alan himself!


How long have you been crafting?

I started crafting around the age of 7, when I would rather hang out with the 'Moms' than the kids at my Mom's Mom group in the '70's.  During high school I convinced a high school teacher to let me do a 'craft project' then cook or do a term paper as my senior project.  My parents were aghast when I went to college and took all of my craft supplies with me to college.  I really have never not crafted.  After a major accident, my doctor at the time suggested for me to 'craft' as a way of therapy.  When we bought our current house I even required a 'craft room', though I have far outgrown it at this point. 


What's your favorite type of creating? Making cards? Mixed media? 

Currently my project way of creating is 'mixed media'.  But truthfully I have pretty much tried it all!   ATC cards, greeting cards, scrapbooking, quilting, cross-stitching, knitting, beading, crocheting.  I really can't paint, but that's why there are stamps, right? 


Show us some of your favorite creations!

One of my favorite projects was my first 'mixed media' spring themed book.  My second was a flower box that I sent in an exchange that I did at Christmas time.  I got to paint, emboss, stencil, stamp, distress...well a little bit of everything. Another favorite is my robot themed art project.   Not only did I enjoy the process, but how much my whole family got involved in the creation.


Do you have a favorite Brutus Monroe item and why? 

I am in LOVE with Brutus Monroe's ink, especially the 'Detail Ink'.   In the past I would spend countless time on projects, but since the ink wasn't permanent, it would fade or change.  Would so frustrate me!  My second favorite is the embossing ink!  I LOVE the versatility of the formula.


We love learning a little background from our guest designers! Heather will be posting a few projects on the blog during the month of April, so please stop by again to see what she will be creating!



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Ros - October 11, 2017

Loved the white card you did using the Gina Marie Flower Burst Quilt Die. What did you use to create the lacy background?

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