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Brutus Monroe Bingo | 2021

Welcome to Brutus Monroe Bingo 2021! We are so excited to be able to offer this promotion again this year! Beginning May 1, 2021 you will earn a bingo board for every $10 spent at Once you earn the bingo board they will be placed in your shippable order and you will be able to mark off your spaces based upon the call numbers listed below. Once you cover your board in a straight line or diagonal, please email, with the subject line BINGO! - please send a photo of your bingo card in the email. Once your card is verified your account will be activated to receive a FREE bingo prize pack on your next order! 
Current Call Numbers: 
  • B1
  • B4
  • B5
  • B6
  • B9
  • B10
  • I16
  • I23
  • I26
  • I30
  • N31
  • N34
  • N35
  • N36
  • N39
  • N41
  • N44
  • G46
  • G48
  • G51
  • G54
  • G56
  • G58
  • G60
  • O63
  • O65
  • O67
  • O68
  • O69
  • O70
  • O75