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Using a seasonal stamp in a way it wasn’t intended with Luisana

Using a seasonal stamp in a way it wasn’t intended with Luisana

 Hello friends, Luisana here back with a card showing you how to use a Christmas stamp on an Easter card.  

I have had this super cool snow globe stamp for a few weeks waiting for the right moment to use it, and it finally hit me, I can put peeps  from this month’s stamp of the month club inside for a Easter look. 

The first thing I did after stamping my globe was make lots of masks for my peeps.  Ya, it sounds like a tedious job at first, but this is something i only do once, and after I am done using them I store them inside the packaging with my stamps, that way I always know where to find them.  

Stamping was fairly easy.  I started stamping a few random peeps inside the snow globe, then I placed my masks on top of each of the stamped images and proceeded to stamp the rest of my peeps, making sure they didn’t all face or stood the same way.  

Once I was done with all of my stamping, I removed all of the masks, that was my favorite part, seeing the reveal is just magical.   

 I colored each peep using copic markers, the coloring was so simple, I chose two colors that were slightly different than one another, and colored inside the peep with the lighter color and the side with the darker color.  

Next, for my background I wanted to do something with my favorite color combination.  I have this old stencil and placed it on my cardstock and using a blending sponge I applied surface ink in Gargoyle all over.  I, then, removed the stencil and placed it slightly below the area I had already colored, and I added surface ink in Zest. And just like that, I had a perfect background. 

A little tip, to help me not get my fingers messy while coloring my background, I used a scratch piece of paper to maneuver my stencil around.  

All that’s left to do now is just place my pieces together where I want them. I glued everything with Tombow mono adhesive. I stamped my sentiment from the same stamp set in two different pieces of paper and cut them so they were the perfect size and I glued them next to my snow globe... or should I call it “peep globe”?

Thats it for me today friends, I had so much fun making this card. Don’t miss out and get your stamp of the month before the months is up.

Until next week ;)




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Marlena M - June 17, 2019

I’m inspired, thank you! ;) So cute~

Amy Tsuruta - February 15, 2019

so fun + clever!

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