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Tulip wreath card

Tulip wreath card

Hello friends, Luisana here showing you how to use your stamp of the month for March in yet another way.  I have been in love with this stamp since the moment I saw it, and now I cant get enough of it.  

To make this card you are going to need the following:

1 square cardstock piece measured 5.5x5.5 inches. 

Your tulip stamp from this months club. 

Raven detail ink

a stamping platform 

A wreath building stencil, Gina K makes an amazing one 

Coloring markers 

Sentiment stamps, I used this set

2 different size circle dies.


First, you are going to place your wreath stencil on your stamping platform, and put your square blank cardstock inside it.  Place the stamp in the upper center of the card and close your stamping platform to adhere it to it.  Now you just ink your stamp, close the lid of your platform to transfer the image to the card, and rotate your cardstock one turn to the right.  You’ll do this all around, until you have filled all the spots. After you have done one full circle of stamping, you’ll need to clean your stamp and place it facing down in between two tulips on your card, and just like before, close the lid of your stamping platform to adhere the stamp to it.  Now you are going to need a couple of masks for the tulips already stamped.  Before you ink your stamp, place a mask in between each of the two tulips you are about to stamp in between.  This will give the effect that the tulip you are about to stamp is placed behind the other ones.  I really hope that makes sense.  And just like we did before, rotate your card stock to the right one turn after every stamping.  Please, do not forget to mask the tulips before hand.  

All you have to do is color your flowers.  I used copic markers but you can use anything you’d like.  Coloring pencils would be really pretty too.  

For the circles inside the wreath I grabbed two different dies, one that could fit inside the wreath without covering the pretty flowers and another one that was smaller the my other circle die.  Using a die cutting machine I cut them out on white card stock.

For the sentiment I wanted something big and bold.  I really love this set for that kind of effect. I chose “I miss your face” because I am planning on mailing this card to a friend that lives far away from me.


I added some extra dimension to my card by placing the circles on it with foam squares.  I think that gave it that little extra sass it needed.


Thats it for me this week.  I so love this stamp, I can’t promise I will make something with a different stamp next week but I will try ;)

Thank you for hanging out with me today, I will see you all on Wednesday for our weekly blog hop.  


Much love, 



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Cheryl Mize - March 12, 2019

This is such a beautiful card!!! I love the Tulips!🌷

Anna L. Kalbarczyk - March 12, 2019

Love this one….. Cant wait for spring to hit Michigan.

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