The Holidays in the Age of Digital

The Holidays in the Age of Digital

Here we are out of the starting gate, heading into the first turn and trying not to panic! (If you've never been to, or seen a horse race, just ignore that opening line!) My point is that the holidays are fast-approaching and you’re already wondering how you’re going to get it all done. Well, repeat after me “Brutus Monroe to the rescue!” With digital paper that you download and print, and holiday stamps that are finely detailed but oh so easy to use, you might just be first to the finish line! (Should I mention the Winner’s Circle — or is that taking the analogy a bit too far? Yeah, I thought so!))


For starters, I used the Autumn Table Digital Paper Collection — stop! Don't you love the Age of Digital? It’s so darn easy to have just what you want in your crafty little hands in a matter of minutes. Simple — I downloaded the pack and just printed the pages I wanted to use for this project. For a few of my planner girl pals I started by making 3” x 4” pocket cards to go with planner stickers from my Etsy shop that I’ll be sending their way. I made additional pocket cards to use as components on greeting cards for other pals who aren’t part of the planner community (yet) but love handmade cards. 

Using a pattern from the planner sticker collection I am gifting, I printed pages on heavy white coverstock. I used my paper trimmer and that same old vintage punch to round the corners of the patterned cards. Easy enough, right? From the Brutus Monroe digital paper, I cut 1 1/2” wide strips that were 4” long. The pattern with the turkey and all the goodies actually determined the width since I cut along the “stripes” that are part of the overall paper design. I positioned the strips on the pocket cards using double sided tape. All without incident I might add! That puts me in the Winner’s Circle already…doesn’t it?

Looking cute so far. For the sentiments I used the “happy harvest” stamp from the Welcome Autumn Stamp Set and the “Happy Holiday” sentiment from the new Oh Deer Stamp Set. Of course, I used the ever-trusty Brutus Monroe Detail Ink in Raven. I can trust this ink not to bleed or smudge once it is completely dry no matter what I stamp it on or put over it. This is a great thing for a newbie like me. Fewer boo-boos mean a lot more fun! I stamped the sentiments on heavy ivory parchment coverstock and fussy cut both. Giddy now — I get to use Liquid Elements in Penny — my favorite color out of the three metallic sprays! Stepping into my spray booth (which is really just outside my studio door in the wide open spaces; but spray booth sounds so snazzy, doesn’t it?) I lightly spritzed the sentiment pieces along with a few 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” card backs in preparation for the cards I was making, too. To finish off the pocket cards, I wrapped white/tan baker’s twine around three times, securing it with a square knot and a bow. I wanted the sentiments to look like they were attached with the twine, so I positioned them with the upper left corner right under the bow on an angle with the sentiment slanting down a bit. A few little pops of gold shimmer pen and we’re done. A little note — I would have used foam tape to set the sentiments; but knowing these would be used in planners, flat tape is a wiser choice.

For the cards, I cut 1 1/4” wide strips from patterns I found in my scrap drawer. I cut these strips a bit narrower than the full width of the card back, rounded the corners and taped them down. Then, all that was left to do was fiddle with the pocket card component and tape it in place. I used foam tape just to give it a bit of dimension; but flat tape would look great, too! 

The Christmas pocket cards and greeting card designs were done with the same techniques and basic materials as the Thanksgiving designs — just different patterned paper. On the pocket cards, I fiddled with strip pattern and placement, going horizontal this time and then tied it up with black and white baker’s twine and a little bow. For the sentiments, I chose two from the new Holiday Sentiments stamp set in the Brutus Monroe Store and used Detail Ink on white coverstock. Using colored pencils, I scribbled lightly over the stamped sentiment. On the ornament shaped one I spritzed a bit of Liquid Elements in Sterling. In hindsight, I wish I had used a lighter hand on the scribbling on the ornament sentiment. Once the sentiment components were fussy cut, I taped them in place. (Good news — all you non-fussy cutters can rejoice! There are free digital cuts for this set of stamps — well, actually, for many stamp sets in the Brutus Monroe store. So be sure to pop them into your cart when you are getting the stamps.)

For card backs, I used plain white coverstock and spritzed one with the Sterling and left the other plain. For these cards I shadowed each pocket card with another one cut from pattern designs from a few of my planner stickers (once again, another shameless plug for Etsy). And, there you go — cute giftable pocket cards and greeting cards done and ready to run, putting you that much closer to coming out in front when the holidays show up on your doorstep.

I am learning that this is not rocket science. It’s all about understanding a few basic techniques (like using the right ink for stamping) and then taking those techniques and playing with them. Most importantly — remember it is just paper and ink — so if you do something you aren’t happy with I say turn the paper over and start again! If you ever peeked at the back of many of my components you would see remnants of many boo-boos…I figure it’s all part of the process of learning.

I can’t wait to see what everyone is creating with the same stamps and products I’ve used here. Self-professed geek, I am fascinated with the workings of the mind when it comes to creating crafty things. So many unique and wonderful ideas; simply because there is no right or wrong way to create. There — my bit of philosophy for the day. Now…go…get to stamping and downloading digital paper…then be sure to show us what you do!

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