The Embellished Giraffe Part 3

The Embellished Giraffe Part 3

Hello crafters,

For those of you following the Monday blogs about The Embellished Giraffe scrapbooking system just want you to know we are still loving it. The more I use the products the more I appreciate how well it works for the highly embellished scrapbook pages I like to do. Not only are the pages able to hold the thickest pages l make but the system offers spacers so the book doesn't appear thin at the binding and super thick at the outside edge creating a ski slope look. This makes for a much more attractive book that lines up nicely on a shelf. The Embellished Giraffe spacers help "plump up" the pages to keep pace with the expandable spine.


This page means a lot to me because it is of my pet who passed a couple of weeks ago.

 Luna Belle was 16 and a very personable cat and deserves to be remembered in a special way. She was always the queen/ruler of the house. The other pets always deferred to her. With this in mind, I felt several layers of chipboard embellishments of flowers and words helped me to express my loss. I used Brutus Monroe inks to give the page a vintage look.

As thick as this page is, it fit easily into The Embellished Giraffe page/pocket.

Enjoy your scrapbooking,




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  • Adam K
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  • Marie Nicole
    Marie Nicole

    Beautiful layout, Adam! So sorry about the loss of Luna, she looks like she was a beautiful cat! Scrapping those special photos can be a great way to dwell on the good memories. :)

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