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Thank a Teacher

Thank a Teacher

We hope you have been enjoying our September-School’s in Session release. The fall brings so many thoughts of back to school for the children in our lives, but we wanted to take just a moment to think about all of the amazing teachers out there. There are so many amazing and dedicated teachers who through their guidance, compassion and encouragement, help to create pivotal lessons and experiences for students that can last throughout their lives. 

Here are a few projects from some of our Inspiration Team along with memories of favorite teachers. 

I was blessed with many excellent teachers but one of my favorites was Mr. Waldron. He was my high school choir teacher. He would choose music that was both interesting and challenging. At my first audition to be in choir, I very nearly chickened out. He asked my GPA and I told him my report card was being held at the library due to an overdue book fine. I offered to go get it with the thought of just leaving altogether. He totally saw through that! He said “No, because you won’t come back”. Thank goodness he made me audition right then and there. As a choir member, he made me feel like I was essential to his altos. High school would not have been nearly as fun without Mr.Waldron and all of the fun I had in choir.

-Shannon Smith


Shannon used the Bookmark dies to create these little treat boxes. She used the School Rules paper pad for the boxes as well as the school supplies. She used the Set for School stamps and Dies for the sentiments. 

 My favorite teacher was the teacher I had in 4th grade, it was my dad! He made science fun and always had neat creatures and experiments to help us learn. Science is still my favorite subject!

-Jessica Vittek

Jessica created this cute card using the Notebook Paper stencil, Overdue stamp set and the Bookworm stamp set.

My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Antilla.  He was my Biology/Zoology teacher.  Though he pretended to be TOUGH, he was really a teddy bear.  We didn't have a book as everything was written on the board for us to take notes and study from, including the diagrams.   We would have to repeat after him and I can still hear him saying "label if your able..."  He would use a wet sponge to erase the board and he would draw a heart with his and his wife's initials in them (she was an English teacher in our school). We would have candy parade where he would toss us hard candies but if you asked him for one, he would tell you it was his "heart medicine."  And if you asked him why he was crabby he would say you're the crabby one, I'm lobstery.  He was the best! 

-Candi VanDerWerf

The All Set for School stamp set has everything you need to make the perfect card for your favorite teacher, whether it's for good luck or a thank you! Candi used the Brutus Monroe masking paper to help create her scene on some Perfect Blend Paper.



One of my favorite memories is that of my English teacher in Middle School - Bhupendra Sir as we used to address our teachers in India. Not only did he teach English, but he opened our eyes and ears to other aspects of learning like music and lyrics, journey of the language and its evolution through time and we looked forward to his classes often held outdoors in open air under the trees. His classes even included baseball at times!! One of those teachers that always took the time to help you explain a topic in depth if that's what you wanted or was always ready to research more or bring additional resources for you. Armed with his little notebook where all important to-do's were listed; he welcomed everyone with a smile. But if he ever caught you littering anywhere (including outside the school; boy oh boy - he had a nasty temper and would make you pick it up and put it right back in your pockets till you found a trash can! Needless to say he was not an easy teacher to forget.
-Sweta Changela

Sweta used the Typography stencil with Purple Static Foil Transfer sheets and Chroma Mist to create this eye-catching card.


 One of my favorite memories is of my 10th grade Homeroom Teacher! She was the stunt swimmer for Jane in the old Tarzan movies that were made in the 30’s!  Everyone knew, but she would not tell the stories about it until the last day of school! She grew up in Florida and apparently was a great swimmer.  She looked almost exactly like the movie actress-Maureen O’Sullivan who played Jane!  Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan. These movies were often played on TV on Saturday afternoons, when I was a teenager, so we all thought that was pretty awesome!!!

-Mackie Robertson

Mackie created this card with the Brutus Monroe Personal Library Cutting Dies. She used pattern paper from the School Rules 6X6 Paper Collection to create the chalkboard. The sentiment was heat embossed with Alabaster Embossing powder, to look like it had been written in chalk. The sentiment is from the Birdhouses stamp set.


My favorite teacher would have to be my High School Forensics teacher Ms. Brown.  She was so passionate about teaching and making sure that her students learned as much as they could. What made her a special teacher is that she didn’t just teach from a book, she actually would put together hands-on projects for us to learn by actually practicing what we were learning. 

-Tyler Bright

Foil makes everything better!  Tyler used Deco Foil duo gel to add the green sketch foil and then finished off the card by coloring up some of the images from the All Set For School stamp set. 

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