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Paris in Spring Time

Paris in Spring Time

Linda Here to share a beautiful Paris in Spring Time Greeting card I made. Using the From Pairs with Love and Terry's Trains, Detail ink - Raven, some distress inks and Tattered Angels Glimmer  Mist.

Paris in Spring Time

The idea came to me to try to make a card in less than ten minutes after flipping through a magazine. It has been a while since I have challenged myself to make a card in ten minutes.

There have been times when I've been asked at the last moment, hey can you make a card for me right now? Usually they need to to give to someone in about 10 minutes or so... Then the pressure is on, usually with them standing over me while I create! lol

Paris in Spring Time

So today I thought I would share how I made a beautiful card in ten minutes. This card could be used for just about any occasion. What I like about this type of card is you can make several and have them on hand and when someone needs a card fast you can just add a sentiment and be done. They will be impressed at how fast you were!

Here is a video of how I made Pairs in Spring Time.

Hopefully you can see how easy it is to make a quick card in just a few minutes. Are you inspired to make a Paris in Spring Time greeting card? We would love to see your version. Please share it on social media and use the tag #createyourownending You can also check out the Brutus Monroe Fan Club and feel free to share any of your Brutus Monroe projects you create.

Paris in Spring Time

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