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Modern Watercolor

Modern Watercolor

Hi, paper crafting friends! My name is Katharine Kelly. I love the softness and layering of watercolor. Modern watercolor backgrounds are easy-peasy with Aqua Pigments. For these cards, I used layers to achieve a loose, colorful and pearlescent background. Brutus Monroe offers an Aqua Pigment of the Month Club subscription, and I used the color Sweet Heart which arrived in January. This color is a beautiful raspberry pink heavily loaded with pearl shimmer! I also used the Series 2 set. To get started, I wet down a piece of watercolor paper in a random shape with plain water and a brush. Then, I added Sweet Heart using the dropper. I love that these pigments arrive in large glass bottles with droppers! So easy. I set the first layer using my heat gun and then added more water, more pigment, and moved the color around using my brush. I heat set it again. From there, I added more water, placing it in a diagonal line across the piece. Then I added the color Violet and tipped the paper to help the color swim in the water. I heat set again. I then moved on and added other colors like Magenta and black. Heat setting between each layer. After the piece was dry, I used a small paint brush and liquid glue to paint lines along the veining in the painting. Once the glue became tacky, I pressed on Gold Deco Foil from Therm-O-Web. To see a full tutorial, watch the video! Thanks for stopping by the Brutus Monroe Blog!

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