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Loose Aqua Pigment Painting

Loose Aqua Pigment Painting

Hey everyone!
This week I thought I would share another Thank You card. For this one I decided to use the three pumpkin image and paint those pumpkins loosely with Aqua Pigments. The pumpkins are from the Fall Essentials set and the colors of Aqua pigments I will be using are; Blue, Red and Yellow.
I started by stamping the pumpkins vertically first on a piece of Aqua Pigment paper. Which is easily done by using a stamp positioning tool. I started by lining up my stamp and stamping with Raven Detail Ink. Then flipping my card stock and stamping it again so that I have the upside down image. For the sides (the short ends) I used a couple of small post it notes to mask off the pumpkins. The picture above shows an example of this.
I'm using a small palette to mix my watercolors. I did start off with a aqua brush but in the end I used a regular Watercolor brush. I painted my entire pumpkin wreath with a light layer then add more darker Aqua Pigment colors to each pumpkin for a little added dimension. 
I used the red and yellow mixed together for all of my pumpkins. Also I started off by painting each one first then used clean water and added the loose water coloring, going outside the lines. I let the colors really mix and dropped in my pigments. Because I added water to these they did loose some of the vibrancy that they originally had. I also added Pearl Aqua pigment over top the pumpkins to give this a subtle shimmer. 
By creating a wreath using the pumpkins from the Fall Essentials stamp set, it created a wonderful square for my sentiment. First I painted this blue, this isn't mixed with any other paint or water. I love this blue in it's full vibrancy! I head blasted the whole panel with my heat gun then stamped the sentiment from Super Sentimental using Alabaster embossing powder. 
I also backed the watercolor panel with a piece of Raven card stock and layered both of those over top a A2 Lunch Bag card base. 
Thank you so much for joining me today!
Jessica ❤


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