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Lacey cars with drawn in 3D letters.

Lacey cars with drawn in 3D letters.

Hello everyone! Welcome to another  blog post by yours truly.  

It was spring break for our family this week and we went camping, so I didn’t get to craft or color as much as I would have liked to, but family time is more important, right! 

While I was out there in the middle of nowhere I kept thinking of ideas of things to do for this week’s post, and so I went with this one. 

I wanted this background stamp from the Brutus Monroe colab with unity stamps to be the star of the show, of all the stamps released from this colab, this lace one is my favorite. 

This card actually uses just this one stamp, a black multiliner pen and two gray markers. 

I stamped my background stamp with a misti in a dark brown ink in a piece of card stock that is 4”x 5.25”. 

I have wanted to make this kind of card with the large die letters that are 3D and blend in with the background, but I don’t have that kind of die and I don’t want to purchase them either since I don’t think I would use them as much, so I figured I would just do my thing and draw some letters and play with shadows to make them look real and like they are popping out of the card. 

I traced two straight lines across the stamped background with a pencil and roughly traced the word LOVED on it. When I was happy with how my letters looked I traced over them with a black multiliner. Next step was to erase the pencil lines thoroughly. I googled to see what kind of shadows the letters would cast and I followed the images. I traced black lines to the outside parts of the letters on one side only, then I went on top of the same lines with a dark gray copic marker (w5) and finished it up with a lighter shade of gray copic (w3) all around the letters and inside the O and D.  That was all that I did to make my letters look 3D.  I wanted the whole feel of the card to be “organic” so I wrote “you are” in a piece of paper in my best writing and glued that above the loved part. 

I glued my card stock piece onto a white card sized to be A2 and called it a day. 

That’s it for me today friends. I hope I was able to inspire you to create something pretty, to think of different ways of achieving something even if you don’t have the tools needed for it. 

I will see you again next week. 



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