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How Amazing is Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner?!?!?

How Amazing is Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner?!?!?

Hi all Erin here,

Brutus Monroe has this amazing product called Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner.  It is truly an amazing liquid in a bottle that can clean stamps, stamp blocks, stamps pads, and craft mats.



This really magic in a bottle than make make your stamps like new again!!  It is non toxic and even helps your hands feel soft and smooth.  I took a bunch of old dirty stamps and cleaned them with this amazing cleaner and it amazing me how well it cleaned each and every stamp from rubber mounted, acrylic, cling, and even foam.  Stamps of every brand and quality looked amazing after being cleaned.

I even tried other inks on the Brutus Monroe stamps to see how well it cleaned up with the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner and every single brand I tried cleaned right off the stamps.  Check out my product review video to see just how amazing this cleaner really is!!


I even cleaned off my stamp blocks, stamp mats, and my craft mat and got them looking so much better with just a little spray and a paper towel.  So check it out the stamps cleaner, you will not be disappointed!!  It is specially formulated to work with the Brutus Monroe Stamps and Inks by it does play nice with all other brands too!

Time to get Squeaky Clean and get your stamps ready for crafting!!

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Joan - May 23, 2022

Do you still carry Squeaky Clean Cleaner ?

janice - September 16, 2016

I can’t place and order for Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner . I would like 2.
Thanks Janice

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