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Fun with Aqua Pigments! ...and Glitter Glaze

Fun with Aqua Pigments! ...and Glitter Glaze

Hello Friends! Today, I am sharing a fun background I made for this “cool” card! To make this background, I used a few aqua pigments and some glitter glaze - color and glitter - what is better than that?!
To start with, I cut down a piece of Aqua Pigment paper to A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2”) and took out a few aqua pigments - turquoise, violet, and blue violet.  
I sprayed some water onto the paper and moved it around with my fingers to get a nice even coat of water on the paper and then just dropped some color on it! You can move the paper around to let the colors move and mix together. I wanted to keep a little bit of white space towards the bottom for the snow. I let that dry and then moved onto the glitter!
I smoothed on some Fallen Snow Glitter Glaze through the Polarized Stencil - I did not cover the entire front of the card panel. I like the look of the design in the center of the card with some plain area around it. 
When the glitter glaze was dry, I added some cute friends from the Arctic Pals set and a “cool” sentiment! 
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