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Enchanted Rose Coaster

Enchanted Rose Coaster

I can't give over the Enchanted Rose Background Stamp that Brutus Monroe released in April. I also happen to be in love with the surface inks because they can be used on everything and don't rub of or smear after they are heat set. I used the Enchanted Rose stamp and the Summer Collection Surface Inks to create this coaster:
Coasters are really easy to make and dominoes are the perfect base. You will need 8 dominoes and a heavy duty glue.
First adhere the dominoes in pairs and let them set up a bit before moving on to the next step.
Now, adhere two pairs together. I like mine to go in opposite directions. I think it gives more interest, but you can put them together however you want :-) 
Once the glue has set, flip them over and adhere it all together.
Now, comes the fun part! First ink the smooth side up with the lightest color and heat set. Next, add another color of your choice. Make sure you heat set with a heat gun between each layer. Let it cool too -- you don't want to burn yourself (been there...done that....I have the band-aid to prove it!)
Add your third color and heat set.
Now, go back and add more color to really make the background bright!
Time to ink the edges with the color you are going to stamp the image with -- make sure to heat set too!
Now, carefully stamp "Enchanted Rose" on your prepared coaster surface.
Time to add some sparkle! If you don't want some bling, you can skip this step ;-)
Once the Sparkle is dry (I let mine dry overnight -- heat setting may cause bubbles), flip it over and adhere a cork sheet cut down to the size of your coaster. This serves two purposes. First it covers the dominoes and makes it looks finished. Second, it allows you to set drinks on it and not slide around.
If you added some sparkle, you need to add a waterproof finish. I like the "Dishwasher Safe" Mod Podge. Though I will not be running it through the dishwasher, it is indeed waterproof. Even if you did not add sparkle I recommend a sealer of some sort, just because it does add a beautiful shine and it is an extra layer of adhesive with the cork base.
If you used the Dishwasher Mod Podge, please take note that it will take 28 days to properly cure. I think it is worth it though :-)
This would make a great Mother's Day gift -- you could make a set of 4! Practical and pretty ;-)
To find the stamps and ink you can go here:
Until Next Time ~ Happy Crafting!
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