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Create a Galaxy Background with Brutus Monroe Inks

Marie Heiderscheit

Welcome back! This week I want to show you how you can create a fun galaxy background for your cards or mixed media projects using Brutus Monroe's Chalk Inks along with a few other products. I love that the Brutus Monroe inks blend so easily on paper and with other inks like Distress Ink. For this background, I used the Premium Chalk Inks along with Distress Inks and some Liquid Elements. The result is stunning, and no matter how many times you create this galaxy background, no two will ever end up the same! 

Galaxy background on this handmade card using Brutus Monroe Chalk Inks.

I started out by blending on a few bright colors. I used Distress Ink's Festive Berries and Dried Marigold. I added these colors in a few random spots all over the cardstock, making sure to leave enough white space between them so I could late come in with the darker colors. The darker colors that I used were Brutus Monroe's Aubergine and Locomotive. I started by applying the Aubergine between the bright colors, and then I took the darkest color, Locomotive, and went over everything. I made some spots darker with the Locomotive, and applied it in a lighter coat over the brighter colors to make sure they would still be able to be seen. The contrast of the bright colors with the dark ones really gives the look of a galaxy background.

Galaxy background on a handmade card created with Brutus Monroe's Chalk Inks and Distress Inks.

With all the ink colors applied, the next step was to add stars. I did this by using some Tattered Angels Decor and DIY paint and splattering it on with a paintbrush. All the varied sizes of paint splatters really makes it look like a sky full of stars. You can use any type of opaque white paint for the stars, but I really like the bright white of the Tattered Angels paint. 

After I splattered on the white paint, I took some of Brutus Monroe's Liquid Elements Spray in Sterling and added some splatters with that, too. It gave the background a few spots of silvery, glittery stars that really adds some more sparkle. If you haven't played with any of the Liquid Elements, I'd recommend you give it a try! They are so shiny and they really look like melted metal! 

Galaxy background on a handmade card created with Brutus Monroe's Chalk Inks and Distress Inks.

With the background done, I just had to turn it into a card! I used a heart stencil and some white pigment ink to add a subtle heart silhouette onto my background. Then, I die cut the word "Birthday" three times, stacked them, and adhered them together. I took some more Liquid Elements to spray the die cuts with. Then, I stamped out the rest of the sentiment in white on a strip of black cardstock and adhered it just under the die cut. The very last thing to do was to add a few silver sequins and the card was complete! 

Creating your own backgrounds are so much fun. I hope you'll go ahead and give it a try! Thanks for stopping by today and remember to "Create Your Own Ending"! 

Until next week,
Marie Nicole


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