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Colorburst Globe Cards and Tips!

Colorburst Globe Cards and Tips!

I am super excited that my neighboring city is finally part of the City Sidewalk collection -- Phoenix! I created two cards featuring the new globes with Colorburst. It is easy to avoid a muddy brown when working with Colorburst if you remember these basics:

1) Keep your blue tones (cool) together. You can mix blue with any other color that has a blue undertone.

2) Keep your red tones (warm) together. You can mix red with orange and pink etc.

3) Be careful with purple! Purple turns everything brown. There are only two color combinations that can be used with purple: Blue and Purple OR Red and Purple. 

I used Cornflower, Zest and Cabbage on this card:


I used Rouge, Zest and Jack-O-Lantern on this card:

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Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!



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