Candy Coat - Antique Trellis Stencil of the Month - February 2022

Candy Coat - Antique Trellis Stencil of the Month - February 2022

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share how I created this beautiful 12 x 12 layout of my son at Disney World using the Antique Trellis Stencil and the new Candy Coat.

I started off with just a few basic items from my stash.

I wanted to try and use up some of those cut apart cards that I find so hard to use.  I ruffed up the edges of all the cards to create a bit of interest to these smaller cards.  Then the fun part:  I took the Antique Trellis Stencil and created a band of mixed media with the Candy Coat in Pink.  The trick is to make as few passes as possible over the same areas to avoid the seepage under your stencil.  This did take a bit too dry to because my layer was a bit thicker than I normally do this was to showcase the fabulous chucky iridescent pieces in the candy coat.

Look at how pretty that stencil is with the candy coat!!!  I added my photo and a few card to cover the seem of where the stencil ended and just a bit more embellishments to the bottom left and this layout was done.

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