Brutus Monroe Tools Demo Plus April Release Sneak Peaks

Brutus Monroe Tools Demo Plus April Release Sneak Peaks

Ever wonder how some of the amazing Brutus Monroe tools work, or the best way to use them?  Here is a little video demo on how to use some of the existing tools in the store, and also some NEW ones coming you way April 21st!!


The tools that are already in the store are the Mixabilities including the ball bearings and pallete knives.  The ball bearing are amazing because they work with any mists to help stop clogging!!  Super easy to add to any spray bottle to help mix up the mica to spray better!!

Now just wait until the NEW Stamp scrubber comes to work with your current Squeaky Clean Stamp cleaner.   It has a much smaller profile to save you space on your craft table so you never have to put it away!!!

The water pen is amazing when you add alcohol to it, it makes blending your Surface inks a breeze when you want to use them as a watercolor!!


Thanks so much for stopping by!  Below are the Brutus Monroe Supplies I used for these projects.




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