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Brutus Monroe Stamp Club

Brutus Monroe Stamp Club

If you aren't already a Stamp Club Member you should definitely look into it! The Stamp Club is such a great value. Each month, you receive a specially designed stamp for that month in the mail for only $5! That $5 includes shipping, as well, so when I say $5 I mean $5!!!

The Stamp Club has some amazing stamps coming up in the near future, and they also have some super cute ones that have already been released. I have a few example projects here of cards I've made using past stamps from the Stamp Club. 

Brain Freeze Stamp Club Stamp. The Brutus Monroe Stamp Club is and amazing value!

This little card is a gift card holder that I made out of a piece of black cardstock, the Brain Freeze stamp set, and some Alabaster White Pigment Ink. This little stamp set is so cute and I just love that fun sentiment that comes with it! You could even decide to not use the sentiment and the little image would be great for a number of different cards just on its own. 

Brain Freeze Stamp Club Stamp. The Brutus Monroe Stamp Club is and amazing value!

Here is a look at the second fold in this tri-fold gift card holder. As I mentioned before, I used the Alabaster White Pigment Ink to stamp the sentiment and the little border along the bottom. I LOVE this pigment ink! I have tried several other brands of white pigment ink and I just never found one that I was happy with. This ink, though, gives such a bold, crisp stamped image and it dries bright, as well. Most other brands that I have tried I found that the ink dries faint and chalky. I honestly wouldn't recommend any other brand of white ink to anyone. This is the best! 

Brain Freeze Stamp Club Stamp. The Brutus Monroe Stamp Club is and amazing value!

Here is the inside of my gift card holder. I stamped the last part of the sentiment here in the Alabaster Ink, and then adhered a card onto the center segment. It's not an actual gift card, just a rewards card that I have and used for this photo, but you get the idea. 

Brutus Monroe's Stamp Club is an awesome value!

For this card, I used the November 2016 Stamp from Stamp Club. It's this little hand holding a phone and it comes with a sentiment that says, "Merry Selfie". I used if along with a photo of my son on this card and sent it to the Grandparents. Adding a photo to a card is a great way to make it special and personal. The best part about this card is that it measures 5x7, so if you have the right size of photo frame, you could throw this card into it and display it in your home! Grandparents love that kind of stuff! 

Brutus Monroe's Stamp Club Membership is an awesome value!

This card uses the December 2016 Stamp from Stamp Club. It's this little glass and bottle that works great for New Year's projects, but really, you could use it for so many types of cards! I added it to this card along with some glitz and glam and embossed the sentiment that says, "congratulations" and it would be a wonderful card for a wedding, bridal shower, retirement, or any other kind of occasion that calls for a celebration! I love stamps that have multiple uses! 


So I hope this gives you a nice look into what the Stamp Club is about and some inspiration on how you can use these stamps in your own crafting! 

Until next time,
Marie Nicole


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