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Brutus Monroe Reinker Test Lab: Part 3 - Bubbles, Shaving Cream, & Straws

Erin Reed

Learn many ways to use reinkers for ink pads for more than just refilling your stamp pads.  In test lab 3 learn how use soap to make bubble art, shaving cream to create wonderful swirl patterns, and a straw to give cool spray spider effects. 

I made a video to show all the fun techniques and uses of these amazing little reinkers.  Brutus Monroe is offering an amazing deal for all Chalk Ink Pads plus Chalk Ink Re-inkers for the next couple months - a 20% off your ink purchase

coupon code: erinreed 

Plus here is the best part, you have a chance to win a set in mini chalk inks or reinkers for just subscribing to my YouTube Channel, full details are on my channel, but there will be 6 winners, each receiving one set of 4 mini chalk inks or reinkers!!  Amazing!!! Here is my video.
Test 7 - Bubbles
Using soapy water and the reinkers to create fun bubble art, perfect for a cool background effect. For complete results please see the video. 
Test 8 - Shaving Cream
Placing 2-3 colors into shaving cream and blending the colors together to press paper into reveals wonderful swirl patterns.  For complete results please see the video. 

Test 9 - Straw Blowing
Using watered down ink and placing drops on paper to then blow to with a straw create beautiful spray patterns that look like spidery legs.  For complete results please see the video.

I will say that the Brutus Monroe reinkers are amazing.  I have many more techniques coming in the next couple weeks, stay tuned!

Erin Reed - Designer & Artist

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