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Big City

Big City

Have you heard?  Unity Stamp Co. and Brutus Monroe have teamed up to make 4 classic background stamps.  Each of these stamps are A2 size (4.25"x5.5").  These stamps will work with a bold sentiment or as a classic background stamp to any card, mixed media project or accent piece. 

For my project I used the "Hit the Brick" stamp, from the collaboration between Unity Stamp Co. and Brutus Monroe. For the canvas piece I used a record.  This is a unique canvas, but makes for interesting conversation piece.  I was drawn to the 'old school; RCA Victor, since it had a sophisticated look. 

I started by using the Brutus Monroe Media Paste and a stencil I had from a big box store to create a skyline appearance.  Once that was dry, I put clear crackle on this record in a 'splattered' appearance.   Because the canvas is a vinyl record, the crackle has some issues drying and wanted to flake off also.  I spritzed with the 'Oz' Surface Spray and 'Aubergine Re-Inker' .  Carefully I used a heat tool to set some of the inks. 


The "Hit the Brick" stamp was inked with Brutus Monroe Alabaster and stamped around to give the background more of a layered look.  I tried to give the piece a more of a 'distressed' aged piece for more of a gritty city feel.

For the chipboard piece I used Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink and Glided Embossing Powder.  This piece was attached with the Brutus Monroe Craft Glue.  As well as the stars and Moon.  

To finish the piece off I put one of my favorite photos of my daughter, after she had gone to a Victorian Tea Party.   We had just left dropping off her best friend and I looked back and this is how I found her.  The picture literally takes my breath away in this stolen moment.  

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Kim Carlisle - October 11, 2018

This whole thing is just candy for the eyes. You’re in a wonderland and then your daughter draws you back into the world we live in. Love it!

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