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A Stack of Presents Marks the Spot

A Stack of Presents Marks the Spot

I totally forgot a friend’s birthday last week. I know…it happens! She’s a long time planner girl and my first thought was to give her some stickers from my etsy shop but quickly remembered she has all my stickers and more. Better idea…a book mark for her current book or one of her planners. The Stacked Presents Stamp Set from Brutus Monroe was just the thing. Good deal…I could spend time coloring (again) and make a gift for her at the same time.

When I first got the stamp I cut some die cuts for the set using the free digital files that go with the stamp. I also had stamped several extra using the Brutus Monroe Detail Ink in Raven. This is definitely my go-to ink when I stamp now — I know that it will stay put no matter what I do to it! And, that makes me happy. I grabbed my colored pencils that are fast becoming my good friends and started to color all the cute little gift boxes on the stamp. Once again, the detail makes it so easy to make something that is really cute when all is said and done.

I like to lay down a really light color as a base and used yellow since it is the lightest color in my pencil tin. The pencils I used are waxy in texture and I like that because it makes them easier to blend and they leave a slight sheen on the paper. I didn’t want to use any red in the stack since I felt as soon as I did the stack would say “Christmas” and this is definitely a birthday treat. Coloring complete, I used the Liquid Elements in Sterling to give the piece a bit of an old-world spark. One light coat would have been fine; but I went with a second coat and after it dried and lightened in color a bit I was happy with it. As I’ve said before the Sterling hits the paper looking a bit dark…even more than a bit…but when it dries it has a wonderful light sterling patina. I really like it since I tilt toward vintage in everything I do.

To finish the book mark I cut a rectangle out of a print from one of the sticker series in my etsy shop and rounded the corners with an archaic punch. I punched a whole in the center top and tied a piece of grosgrain ribbon through the hole. I taped the stack to the rectangle. I will add a drop of glue under the knot to keep the ribbon in place. I stamped the sentiment on a long rectangle for the back of the book mark. I cut three rectangle strips from the print and placed them on the back of the mark and positioned the sentiment over top. I used skinny double sided tape that holds like crazy to stick everything down. I will laminate the book mark to make it sturdy for handling; but I didn’t want to do that before the pix — too much glare can make a photographer crazy!

That’s it! Easy-peasy, not too much stuff needed and I got to relax and color a bit in the process! And, tomorrow my pal will get a cute little something. I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it. Fingers crossed.

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