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2 cards, 1 stencil.

2 cards, 1 stencil.

Hello friends, Luisana here back this week, I will be posting on mondays from now on, so yay!

For this week I wanted to make a card that featured my favorite chroma glaze and a stencil I made.

First, I glued together two pieces of cardstock that were sized 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 and completely covered it with daffodil chroma glaze. I tried to make it look as smooth as I could.  And then I waited until it was completely dry.

I came back to it a couple of hours later and it was dry completely.  I grabbed a stencil I had made a long time ago by finding an image online and tracing it to a clear folder and fuzzy cutting around it, but you could you any stencil you have that resembles a sunshine scene.  

I placed the stencil on the back side of the card piece I had covered with the chroma glaze, and proceeded to trace all of the lines using a pencil.  

I, then, fuzzy cut each section very carefully making sure I didn’t distort the image, since I wanted to use noth the stenciled side and the negative pieces in two different cards. This is what I ended up with:

After this came the fun part, gluing everything together. I prepared two different card bases and colored them with surface inks, one i did fully orange with jack o lantern SI and the other one I did an orange center and aubergine SI for the outer edges. 

Carefully I glued every piece onto each card base and finished it by using my favorite sentiment set to stamp the sentiment for the cards and fuzzy cutting around them. 

I trimmed an eighth of an inch off of the sides of the cards and glued them onto a A2 size white base, for some extra dimension.

I really like this stencil and how I was able to make two cards with it.  If you don’t want to make your own stencil, I know there are several companies out there that sell them. 

I hope you give this card a shot, and if you do, come back and tell me about it, I love to see your projects!

And that’s a wrap for me this week, thank you all so much for hanging out with me.  I will see you on Wednesday for our weekly blog hop.

Much love,


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