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Watercolor Enchanted Rose

Watercolor Enchanted Rose

Hey everyone!
So I've been wanting this beautiful Enchanted Rose stamp set for so long! I finally picked it up during the Black Friday Sale and it did not disappoint. My plan was to watercolor this rose first with a few Aqua Pigments.
I started with stamping the Enchanted Rose on to a piece of Aqua Pigment paper using Brutus Monroe Embossing Clear ink. The embossing powder I used this time is the lovely Penny Embossing powder.
For the Aqua Pigments I used colors; Red, Blue, Yellow and a little bit of Pearl. I mixed my colors to get variations to water color with. But the technique I used for this rose is more of a paint rinse repeat.... lol.
What I mean by that is I laid down a lot of red Aqua Pigment first with a bit of red and blue mixed for the shadow areas. Then I sprayed clean water over the entire piece and let the color move around everywhere. I soaked up some of the color with a cloth and then dried with a heat gun. 
Now for the repeat. I laid down more red Aqua Pigment but this time adding in some green (mixing the yellow and blue pigments together) and did the same thing as before. Saturating the entire paper, dabbing at it with a cloth and then heat drying with a heat gun. I did this several times before deciding I had the effect I wanted. The result of this though is a light fluid color over the entire panel of red and green. 
I also added Pearl Aqua Pigment to the portions of the stamp that I didn't directly color with Aqua Pigment but it is kind of hard to see in the photos. One more trick is that I used a colored pencil in the shadow areas just to deepen those up a bit more. 
I trimmed that panel down then added a layer of Raven card stock behind it and adhered those to a card base. I heat embossed the Love Your Face sentiment from Super Sentimental using the same Penny embossing powder and trimmed it into a tag shape. I also used some dimensional foam adhesive to pop it up. To finish this card off I adhered 3 little Acrylic Bubbles to the center of the rose.
Thank you for joining me today! 
Jessica ❤
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