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Spoonful of Love

Spoonful of Love

“Spoonful of Love”.  I love a great birthday!  Most people think cake, but both of my children hate cake and basically only will eat ice cream.  LOL. One such memorable ice cream adventure was when my family went to Sarris Candy Factory and to the ‘old fashion ice cream parlor’.  The ice cream sundae my daughter choose was probably as big as her head, she was about 3.5 years old and this was the 1st time I let her pick out exactly what she wanted by herself.  Luckily I was able to capture the moment on my cell phone. And these are the perfect moments to turn into a special piece of art for the wall.

First, start with a canvas that I have gesso.  I usually will take a bunch of items and gesso them so that when I want to create something I don’t have to wait for this process to dry.  Taking Brutus Monroe ‘Build A Cone’ Stencil and ‘Media Paste’ I applied using a plastic spatula onto the canvas.

I tried to make kind of a circle in the middle and also adding the four corners with the sprinkles on the stencil.  Once again this a step you have to wait for it to dry before going to the next step. Next, I sprayed ‘Rouge’ and ‘SuedeSurface Sprays by Brutus Monroe onto the canvas. To lighten the look I sprayed water using a water bottle. I wanted it to be more of a background instead of something that stood out.  Have some paper towel handy to wipe off any extra or pooling areas.

Using a Big Shot I took my daughter picture and using my largest rectangle stitched die cut out my picture.  To make sure that nothing shifted while running through my machine I taped down two edges using ‘iCraft Purple Tape’.  This stuff is completely amazing.  Not only did it hold my die to my photograph.  But when I removed it, nothing ripped. I normally will save what I use on a piece of plastic to use again and again.  I have some pieces I have used after having it rest for a week. And nothing really seems to stick to it. I also cut out a background die to use under her picture.

Then I took a sheet of the ‘Deco Foil Clear Designer Toner Sheets in Floral Sketch’ and laid on top of it Fancy Foil ‘Passionate Pink’.  Next place this combination between a folded piece of computer paper and run through your laminator. I usually run it through twice.  Then carefully pull back the Fancy Foil and what is left behind is simply stunning. The foil attached itself to where the black flowers and leaves were. Next I fussy cut out around the flowers.

Before permanently attaching the items I wanted... I placed them on my canvas and put things down to see where they would work best.  Once the ‘iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive’ dries clear, it attaches virtually anything. I used just the 'iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive' to attach everything from my photograph, to the die cut to the cut outs, even the glitter and the flowers. This project was a lot of fun to make and remember such a great day.  But if you will excuse me I have to go eat some ice cream.

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Supply list for "Spoonful of Love”
Therm O Web supplies:

-Deco Foil Clear Designer Toner Sheets Floral Sketch
-iCraft Purple Tape
-iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive
-iCraft Sticky Tape Runner
-Gina K. Designs Fancy Foil ‘Twinkling Pink’

- Brutus Monroe 'Suede’ & ‘RougeSurface Spray

-"Sprinkled With Love" inspiration box
-12”x12” gesso canvas
-Brutus Monroe Media Paste
-Brutus Monroe ‘Build a Cone’ Stencil

-Brutus Monroe "Sprinkled With Love" stamp

-Brutus Monroe "Lunchbag" Cardstock
-gold glass glitter
-gems and flat back bubbles
-squeaky clean
-Big Shot
-Brutus Monroe  'Rectangle’ stitch foundation dies






















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