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Spooky Tea Time Waterfall Mini Album Insert

Spooky Tea Time Waterfall Mini Album Insert

Hey there! This is MJ from the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team, and I'm excited to share a spooky project with you! Join me as you take you through this fun waterfall mini album insert (say that five times fast), and share one of my favorite Halloween memories with you!

PS. Is it Halloween yet? ;)

So, I'm a HUGE Halloween fan and also a big fan of new experiences. As soon as I found out that there was a local tea room that not only served delicious vegan and gluten-free goodies, but also had a special Edgar Allan Poe-inspired tea experience- I knew that we had to go check it out! 

Ryan and I got all dressed up for the event, so it only made sense to deck this album cover out with some of the newest inspiring goodies from the latest Brutus Monroe release- including my favorite stamp set (that I used here for the cover). Not only did we get dressed up, but we were treated to the most delicious macaroons that I have ever had in my life, along with an entire tiered tea tray filled with sandwiches and of course, a delectable pot of tea.

A large portion of the album was created with scraps from my previous October Daily albums, so this project was a fun merging of brand new and old supplies. I used 3x4 photos throughout this waterfall album, so I started out by cutting out pieces of paper that were slightly larger than my photos in order to conceal the photos between each page. This mini album within a mini album (does that make this mini album-ception?) will actually go inside of one of my mini albums that is sized approximately 4.25x8.25, so I had to make sure I didn't go too large on the width for each of these pages. I landed on a size of 3.75 x 5 inches for each individual card, and I ended up scoring horizontally at the top of each card at right around 4.25 inches (in order to create the "flip" for these photos).

For this page, and throughout most of the waterfall insert, I used the Chunky Moon Stencil and coordinating Moon Glitter Glaze to create little moon and star embellishments. I was really impressed with how they came out, too! To create these, I stenciled them onto a white piece of cardstock, allowed them to dry (optionally, you can also use a heat tool or place them outside if you live in an inferno, AKA: Arizona), and then fussy cut out the various shapes.

TIP: I also did this process a few times in order to produce extras, because they are so much fun to use for accenting pages, cards, and even for using in my art journal. I am really trying to get more into "batching" during crafting, because it really saves me a ton of time in the long run! Plus, for the times where I don't have a ton of time to craft, but still feel like creating, having extras on hand to play with really helps me to maximize on my crafty time! 

Another notable attribute of this album are the tabs that I used to divide the pictures, and also make flipping through the album itself even easier! I actually used sentiments from the same Stamp Set that I used to create the cover to craft these fun tabs, as well as the sentiments that you see adhered over some of the photos throughout the album. To add an extra spooky and festive vibe to the sentiments, I actually used a waterbrush and some colorful Chroma Mists to draw and highlight the words on some of the sentiments. I really love the way that these colors made those sentiments just POP! 

This was actually the first waterfall album that I have ever created, so I really embraced experimenting with new techniques and color mixtures for this project. That being sad, I blended some Glazes to create a fun pinky red "Edgar Allan Poe" title to this page (using the Lowercase Alphabet Stamp Set to give this spooky album a quirky edge!). To create this colorful red/pink-hybrid, I blended together Cherry Tomato and Silver Chroma Glaze to soften the red and provide some shine to the (usually) matte Velveteen Glaze. I especially love the way that it turned out, because it matched my dress and our colorful teas! 

If you made it this far, thank you for joining me! This was my favorite Brutus Monroe project that I have created so far and I really enjoyed making this one. We want to hear from you! Do you like to create during projects during the holidays?

Here is a list of all of the amazing goodies that I used to create this spook-tacular project! 

 Candy Sack Stamp Set 

Cherry Tomato Velveteen Glaze

Star Mixed Media Stencil

Chunky Moon Mixed Media Stencil

Lower Case Alphabet Stamp Set

Raven Detail Black Ink

Lilac Purple Chroma Mist

Cobalt Blue Chroma Mist

Tangerine Orange Chroma Mist

Silver Chroma Glaze

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