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Slimline Cards

Slimline Cards

Hello there! Shannon here with a quick post today. 

  Well if you follow cardmaking trends, you must have noticed that slimline cards are all the rage right now. So many beautiful and fun projects popping up everywhere! 

  I have noticed several comments on social media left on these beauties such as, “I need to try this.” or “ Love these! I just haven’t made one yet”.

  Well I say there is no time like now! Once you make one, you will see how much fun they are to create.

Here are some typical slimline card dimensions listed from largest to a smallest:

4” x 9” (8” x 9” scored at 4”)

3 ⅝” x 8 ⅝” (7 ¼” x 8 ⅝” scored at 3 ⅝”)

3 ½” x 8 ½” (7” x 8 ½” scored at 3 ½”)

3 ½” x 5 ½” (7” X 5 ½” scored at 3 ½”)

Some of my favorite benefits of a slimline card are:

-More real estate! You can really stretch out and have some fun. I especially love this when creating a landscape slimline. Perfect for scene building!

-Simply fun to break out of a rut. I know I gravitate to my typical A2 card.and this has helped me to stretch into new territory.

-Perfect for those longer sentiment stamps!

-Great to be able to use business envelopes.

-Tons of new and inspiring releases!

Brutus Monroe jumped right in and created an amazing selection of slimline stencils. There is such an incredible variety available! Here are some links to these gorgeous stencils:

Slim Line Stencil – Sea Side Collection

Slim Line Stencil – Collection A

Slim Line Stencil – Hanging Lanterns

Slim Line Stencil – July 2020 Release Bundle

And here are just a few samples of what you can create:


I hope you are inspired to give this a try if you haven’t yet and if you have, I hope you will be inspired to share your slimline creations!


Keep on creating my friends!


 Hugs, Shannon 

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