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Rainbows: A Symbol of hope and love, and a bunch of HAPPY color! I have always loved the colors of a rainbow together. I have moved to a brighter palette than the primary colored (ROYGBIV) ones, because I love pink, but I love those too. I have since I was little. I think right now rainbows are making everyone feel like there is hope.

This week on the Brutus Monroe team, we all made projects with a wide rainbow spectrum. It's really fun to see all the different projects and how fabulous they are! Today I am using the CONVERSATION DIE, several different watercolor panels, and a sentiment from SUPER SENTIMENTAL

I had six different panels that I watercolored, and cut each with the die. I had a ton of fun fitting all the different colors in, and deciding the placement of each watercolored section. Once the pieces were all glued in, I stamped the sentiment in the lower left "speech bubble." I added a colored sequin to match each section, and then adhered them to different sections so they would show up. The entire panel was then mounted on a white cardstock base.

What do you think? It's a fabulous die with so many possiblities! I can see it with some fun shaker mixes too!

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