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Quick “Tie Dye” Technique

Quick “Tie Dye” Technique

Hello there crafty friends! Just a quick blog post today. I wanted to share a fast and easy way to give a tie dye look to your card using Fiber paper and Aqua Pigments.

I love Aqua Pigments. There are so many ways you can use them. For this technique I simply added a little spray spout (you can find little travel size spray bottles in a variety of stores). I simply replaced the eyedropper lid with the spray nozzle.

I have found that I get a cleaner, crisper cut with dies when cutting my Fiber paper. I used the largest square in my Square Foundation dies to cut my panel.

Next I grabbed the circle in my Circle Foundation dies and cut it out of my scrap cardstock. I skipped a size and used every other size for the next 3 circles and cut them out of scrap cardstock.

I grabbed my spray box/bucket. I lined it with paper towels and laid my fiber paper on top.

I took my largest circle and centered it on the fiber paper. I sprayed it with Neon Blue Aqua Pigment. I removed the circle and laid it aside.

I placed the next largest circle in the center of the panel and sprayed it with Neon Yellow Aqua Pigment. Remember this is tie dye, it’s okay if you have some overspray. I did sort of push my finger down to avoid getting a lot of spray underneath the circle. Remove the circle.

I went to the next size circle and centered it. I sprayed with Neon Red Aqua Pigment

If you have a gap you need to fill in a little bit, Simply use a paint brush and the excess Aqua Pigment left on the circle to close it up a bit.

I placed the last circle in the center and sprayed it with Neon Orange Aqua Pigment. Remove the circle. For the center I sprayed a little more of the Neon Yellow Aqua PigmentUse a paper towel to lightly dab the panel.

Spritz with water to allow the colors to bleed together a little bit more. If you want to dab it again, do it very lightly as this is a very porous material and you will lose a lot of color if you press.

I like to use my heat tool to help it to dry a little faster. Just be sure not to stay in one spot too long.

Imagine how many fun color combinations and Aqua Pigment varieties you could work with. The possibilities are endless! 



Neon Aqua Pigments: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Red, Neon Blue

Fiber Paper

Square Foundation dies

Circle Foundation dies


travel size spray bottles/nozzles

Spray box


heat tool

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