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Planner Ideas Using Brutus Monroe Stamps

Planner Ideas Using Brutus Monroe Stamps

I started to use a planner to help organize my days of blog posting, video uploads, due dates, and anything I need to do for my crafty social media.  For the month of February I did a couple of fun things, one was use the idea of pink, red, and metallics as a color scheme and the shape of hearts.  It was the month of love after all. 

I used a variety of different Brutus Monroe shaped heart stamps for various stamp sets, plus I also added in some fun quotes from various stamp sets (all set are listed below).

Here is a video on how I made this fun planner page.


Adding in some fun stickers and a few other little fun things like mini playing cards in the heart suit all add to the whimsy of this monthly planner page.

I do use my planner to really organize my due dates, and I am a list maker, so even in my planner I cross out with a line the items I have completed so visually I know they are done. In my mind a planner or monthly calendar is not only something to help me stay organized but it can also be something fun to play in and make pretty.  I do all my little decorations of stamps stickers, and other fun bits after the month is over (for the most part) so i do not run out room on my month for the events that need to be there.

I even added in some ATC's I had made earlier in the month since they fit with the theme and colors, why not?  Here is a video on how I made the little cards.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Below are the Brutus Monroe Supplies I used for these projects.



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