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Patriotic Cards

Patriotic Cards

Need some fun and easy card to have on hand for this summer/  To take to a party, as a birthday card, for a thank you?  Check these out!!

I need some card to have on hand, and I wanted to make some that would fit any occasion and gender.  Here is how I made them.

Starting with a simple white card base, and amazing Brutus Monroe stamp that has the perfect sentiment, and some punched foiled paper flowers really does make this whole card come together.

I just love the sentiment on the stamp, it is perfect for so many occasions!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Below are the Brutus Monroe Supplies I used for these projects.

Detail Ink - Raven - 2x2 - Brutus Monroe

Squeaky Clean™ Stamp Cleaner - Brutus Monroe

Brutus|Monroe Fine Tip Glue Applicator

Brutus|Monroe Craft Glue -2.0 oz


Erin Reed - Designer & Artist




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