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Mixed media layout by Lucie Forté (louanncreations)

Mixed media layout by Lucie Forté (louanncreations)


I hope you have a great day.  For this first blog post I’m gonna show you how i do my mixed media layout using  a lot of Brutus Monroe products.

For the first step I use a watercolor paper and I add fuschia Aqua pigment with water for a little bit of color on my background.  I really love using texture stamps on my background so I use Brutus Monroe happiness seeds stamps.


I also use a Brutus Monroe stencil with glitter glaze on my background to add shimmers and I make stains with the chroma mist lilac purple.

For adding some dimension and texture i altered a chipboard with the Brutus Monroe embossing powder raven.  

I made my own resin epoxy embellishment so I altered them with glitter glaze, velveteen glaze night sky and fuschia Aqua pigment.  If you want to know how I made this embellishment you can go on my You tube channel louanncreations.

After all this step I choose my picture and I matte her with the Brutus Monroe mermaid cardstock, i add some flowers, ephemera, black thread and I add some stamps on my background, the little heart and some word from the Brutus Monroe sentiment stamps.  I also give a great place to Katie the koala at three place in my layout, I used my copic marker to add color on the stamp.  My title also provide from the sentiment kit stamp.

So I hope my layout and my process inspired you.  This is all the Brutus Monroe products I was using on my layout.

velveteen glaze night sky

Embossing powder raven

glitter glaze twilight purple

Aqua pigment fuschia

Detail ink raven

chroma mist lilac purple

Seeds of happiness stamp

Super sentimental stamp

Slim line stencil knot

Katie the koala roundimal stamp

Mermaid skin cardstock pink and lime


If you want more informations about this layout you can contact me.  I invite you to go at my Facebook page or my Instagram Louanncreations or my YouTube Channel Louanncreations.

If you need the products that I use on my background you can find it at Brutus Monroe online store!

Thanks for reading me and I hope you like my work.





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