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Highlights from our 2022 Inspiration Team

Highlights from our 2022 Inspiration Team

Woosh! 2022 is nearly in our rear view windows. It is always a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the passing year and get excited about possibilities in the new one. In doing so, it helps us to feel appreciative of those who serve, inspire and bring us joy. 
Our Inspiration Team has enjoyed working with so many fun and exciting products. We want to thank our 2022 team for an amazing year of beautiful projects, ideas and tips shared through photos, videos, blog posts and more.
Here is a glance back at some of our 2022 Inspiration Team’s favorite projects of the year:

“This card makes me happy because of the vibrant colors and adorable elf. I loved the Croma glaze and the ribbon stencil which really makes this card very unique and cute” -Arjita Singh


“I love this card because It's a shape card and it's just a perfect summer vibe. Plus this little giraffe is beyond adorable.” -Annie Collins


“This is one of my most favorite projects I created this year. Sure, I have a few others, but I just love the colors on this sea shell card and how the rainbow embossing powder looks against the colors!” -Nicole Martel


“This card definitely had all my favs.  I love to create cards matching whatever I use to patterned paper.  My paper - the butterfly - came from the Bountiful Blooms Paper Collection.  I used Simon Hurley Inks for my background and the lovely tile stencil.  This was also when I feel in love with Opal Chroma Glaze.  It added a beautiful but subtle texture to my background really harmonizing with the whole design.” -Betsy Birge


This one was Olivia Marmara’s favorite projects


“I loved the composition of this card and how I was able to use multiple products on it. I loved using the Chroma Glaze in the background, the foil backing the butterfly dies and the splatter to bring it all together. I really loved the butterfly dies in this release and I will be using them a lot more in the future.” -Jessica Vasher


“One of my favorite things to do on a card is add small, artistic details. This card stands out as one of my faves because of the color scheme and how well the small touches came together at the end. The flowers and stencil were so unique that I felt able to create something really different and beautiful to capture the essence of fall.” -Gina Crotchfelt


This one was Rebecca Lockhart’s favorite project:


“Hard to select from such an amazing collection but I simply love the look of gold Chroma Glaze over ink blended stencil panels; especially this intricate one! It brings a subtle but elegant look to the cards that remains unmatched!” -Sweta Changela


“I love this card because it's very simple but with a great message, as in this busy world we often forget to enjoy the small things. Also ink blending is one of my fav techniques so I had a lot of fun creating it! And this color combo is so relaxing!” -Lara Rizzotto


“The stencil I used on this is one of my all time favorites! That stencil, combined with my favorite colors, and some glitter glaze, make this my favorite card from this year!”-Jessica Vittek


This was one of Kate Deignan’s favorite projects


“I had so much fun creating this owl card! I enjoyed coloring the owls in unexpected colors and was happy with how everything worked together” -Shannon Smith


“Still feeling the BEACH BALL summer vibe! This card has to be one of my favorites because you feel the fun with the beach balls, the chillness with the colors and overall it’s clean, but yet dynamic!” -Kandice Johnson


“This is one of my favorite projects from all year.  I love the combination of the Magical Shattered Glass Foil with the Chroma Glaze.  I love the sparkle.  The number of ways you can use these products together are endless.” -Candi VanDerWerf


“I love inky backgrounds and this one was no exception. I had never done mosaic tile piecing and was really pleased with how it turned out.” -Kathy Burress


“I used the Sweet Valentine stamp and dies for this tag. I love it for the retro colors and 50’s feel. I love anything retro!!!” -Sammi Offield


“I loved making this card because I mixed and matched from different Brutus Monroe's stamp sets and they work together so nicely.  This card used a variety of products that BM offers that I had never used before.  There were all these new mediums that were introduced to me being on the Design Team like Chroma Mists, Chroma Glaze, Glitter Glaze, Embossing Powder and really great paper for ink blending and aqua pigments.   I used many of them on the same card, as well as scraps from prior cards to create this scene.  I loved how it came out and how I also used my favorite stamp of the month, the owls on the branch, as a piece of ceramic for my decor. I love trying to utilize my stamps in ways they weren't originally intended.” -Kelly Nagy

We also want to thank Audrey Medd, Monica Edwards, Maria Russell, Kelly Fusco and Brandon Leggitt for their contributions to our team. 

Thank you so much for a great year!

The Brutus Monroe Team


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