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Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna Matata!


The Safari release for May is a fun one. Today I created this Slim Line card using Aqua Pigments and just three stamps.

I stamped the two Zebra stamps (from Safari Stamp set) on Aqua Pigment paper with Raven Detail ink and quickly covered the ink with the Raven Embossing Powder.  After heat setting them, I fussy cut them out and then got to painting.  I wanted my images to be every other one so I added a few drops of Aqua Pigments to my glass mat and then just "slapped" (that's a technical term-lol) the color on.

The Colors I used were: 

BRU8845 Red Aqua Pigment
BRU8852 Orange Aqua Pigment
BRU8869 Yellow Aqua Pigment
BRU8876 Green Aqua Pigment
BRU8883 Blue Aqua Pigment
BRU8890 Blue Violet Aqua Pigment--Combined this with the Red Violet to make the purple
BRU9187 Red Violet Aqua Pigment--Combined this with the Blue Violet to make the purple.

Next I cut about a quarter inch strip of black paper for to use to ground my images and arrange the zebras in rainbow order.  I stamped the Hakuna Matata sentiment from the same Safari set with Raven Detail ink.  Then I added some Button Galore Jewelz in matching hues to the right of each zebra.

Here is a close up of a few of the zebras:



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