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Friends are flowers that never fade Cards/Nicole Martel

Friends are flowers that never fade Cards/Nicole Martel

Good morning friends. Happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing two cards I created using the Bountiful Blooms stamp set (BRU7902) with Raven Embossing powder. These cards are super simple to make and oh, so colorful!

To begin, I cut two pieces of white cardstock to measure 6x8 and scored them in the middle to create two 3x4 cards. Next, I cut two pieces of cardstock to measure 2 3/4x3 3/4 inches.
Next, I added some powder to both cards to help prevent static occurring once the embossing powder is applied.
Then, I placed the card onto the missing. I placed the stamps over the cardstock and used the misty to life the stamps from the paper so I could apply clear embossing powder ink to the stamps. I repeated this process three times so that I could get a crisp image.
Next, I placed the card onto another piece of paper and covered the entire card with the Raven Embossing Powder.
I used a heat gun to heat the embossing powder. This may take several minutes. You want to apply heat onto the card until the black embossing ink turns glossy. You'll know when it's's like magic...super pretty!!
I decided to use my karin markers to color in the images! These markers are soooo pretty. The colors are so vibrant. 
Here is an image of the colors I used for this pretty card!
I used the Magenta to color around the edges of one of the card to create a nice border for the card.
I felt like the card was I decided to emboss the bumble bee to add to the card using a foam square. He adds just the right touch.
I used a different set of markers for this card.
What do you think? Loving how pretty the colors are with the Raven Embossing powder.
I hope I inspired you today because I had so much fun creating these pretty cards.
Thank you for visiting today!
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