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For My Sweet Heart

For My Sweet Heart

Hi Friends,

Next up is Valentine Day and it is always fun to share our love for card making with our friends and family. What better way then to give out Valentine cards to our family, friends and co-workers along with a small treat. Brutus Monroe has the perfect stencil to create Valentine cards. It is the Jagged Heart stencil. 

To create this simple but cute card we start by die cutting a card base. Choose the size heart die and cut on the fold making sure to leave a bit of space above the fold so your card front and back are connected. Now die cut a heart to decorate and attach to the heart base. I am using black to stencil the jagged hearts in bright Watermelon Embossing powder. What a POP! Next die cut the word or message of your choosing using Brutus Monroe Alphabet Dies in a coordinating color. Add any embellishments you like to complete the card. I added sequins and silver thread.

How simple and quick for all those Valentines you will be giving out this year.

As always, we love for you to share your creations with us on Brutus Monroe Facebook Fan Page.





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Dana Driscoll - January 14, 2019

I love this LOVE card! The colors are great! Its nice seeing cards made in different shapes.

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