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Easy Pop-Up Gift Card Holder | A Christmas Card with Ashley Tucker

Easy Pop-Up Gift Card Holder | A Christmas Card with Ashley Tucker

Hey everyone, Ashley here and today I created a really special card! When you open it up it has a pop-up area where you can place a giftcard! And do you want to know the best part? It is so easy to make!

So when you are making this pop-up giftcard holding card you want to start with a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I used a piece of Speckled Egg cardstock for mine. First you cut your cardstock in half so that you have two pieces of 5.5 x 8.5 cardstock. Next you take one of those two pieces and cut it down so that it is 5.5 x 5.25. Now you want to score the two pieces. For the longer piece of cardstock you want to make a score line at 1.25 and at 5.5. For the shorter piece you only need one score line at 1.25. The last thing you want to do to create your card is adhere the two pieces of cardstock together. Add some adhesive to one of the 1.25in flaps and glue it to the other 1.25in flap. I was sure to only add the tape along three of the edges forming a U. I highly recommend watching the video to see more clearly how this is done!

Once you have the card created you can decorate it however you want! I added a piece of Alabaster white cardstock to the inside of my card so that I have a nice area to write a message. Using a ruler and a red pen I added a border around the white piece of cardstock.

Next I started decorating the outside of the card. I went over the top flap with my powder tool. I placed a mask over the back of the card to protect it. Then I took the Snowflake stencil and taped it over the flap. Using my embossing ink I added the design to the flap by pressing the ink pad into the stencil. I carefully removed the stencil. I embossed with design with Icicle embossing powder, which is a nice clear embossing powder.

For the sentiment I pulled out the Jingle all the Way stamp set and picked out a stamp. I prepped a piece of Alabaster white cardstock with my powder tool and then stamped the sentiment with a red emboss-able ink. I embossed with sentiment with Rainbow Sparkle embossing powder, which is a clear embossing powder with colorful sparkles. Next I cut the sentiment out with a circle die. I used a slightly bigger circle die to cut a piece of red glitter paper. I glued the sentiment circle to the glitter circle using a liquid glue.

To finish the card I took two pieces of red and white bakers twine and taped them to the front of the card. Next I added some foam tape over the top of that tape and placed my sentiment circle. The twine can then be used to tie the card closed.

Thank you for stopping by with me today! I hope you enjoyed this idea for a pop-up gift card holder! Have you finished making all of your Christmas cards yet? Let me know in the comments!

If you are interested in creating a project similar to this I have included some affiliate links to the products I used throughout the post.

I hope you have an amazing day!

- Ashley Tucker

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