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A friend of mine asked me to do a graduation card for her.  She wanted it to be simple without too much bling.  And I think this worked out perfectly.

I started with some Brutus Monroe Cardstock Midnight and using a pallet knife and the Brutus Monroe Stencil Grad, I applied the iCraft DecoFoil Transfer Gel Blanco.  Then I set this aside for the gel to dry which took about an hour.  The color of the gel will become more clear and less white looking.

Using the iCraft Deco Foil Toner Sheet, the Deco Foil Transfer Sheet Gold and a Minc I created a sold card panel. Also using the Minc, I took the Deco Foil Transfer Sheet Gold and laid it on top of the Brutus Monroe Cardstock Midnight  that had the gel that dried and ran it through the machine twice on level 4.  After I took it out of the machine and peeled off the negative.  

To make the sentiment strip I took the Brutus Monroe Vellum and embossed with Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink and Brutus Monroe Embossing Powder Gilded two saying from the Super Sentimental Stamp Set

To put everything together was simple with the Brutus Monroe Tissue Tape. And my friend was able to have a Clean and Simple Graduation card! 

-Heather C 

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Linh My Collier - May 23, 2022

You need a video to come with this project. It would sell your items better.

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