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Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

Hi and welcome back! I have two adorable cards today featuring the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Box stamp set. You'll have to wait to get a glimpse at its entirety, but I am positive you will love it! This stamp set screams Comfort and Joy, as it reminds you of your childhood, your family, frosty windows, pets, and snuggling up watching your favorite holiday show!  
 To make these scenes I used masking paper so that images were in the background and foreground. The key to remember while creating scenes with layered stamping is to stamp what you want to be seen upfront first then apply the mask, continuing to do this until everything is stamped. This can seem scary at first, but the reveal is that wow moment! Let's take a look at the first card...
This 5x7 inch card was stamped with Raven Detail Ink and masked to make the scene. I also blended Minty Fresh ink through the October Stencil of the month to get that "wall paper" look. The images are colored with alcohol markers and the flooring was hand drawn in. Just a little tip... I used a tooth pick and Scarlet Glitter Glaze to add the sparkle to the ornaments.  
 My second Comfort and Joy card looks a little more like my house. Here I built the scene with the cat trapped in the TV and the dog snoozing on top of the presents. You notice, that there isn't a tree? Yep... that's because the cat destroyed it! And the crooked "home" decoration... you guessed it the cat climbed the curtains to get to it. I hope that makes you laugh... but it is my reality!
This card was made the same way as far as the masking and stamping goes, but I went with square card, because I felt like it fit the 1960's television! I used Bee Sting ink and blended it through the circle tone stencil to add a simple background. To add just a little more fun to the card I used the candy stripe patterned paper.  
I'd love to know, which card looks more like your house? Calm or Calamity?
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Bye for now!!!
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