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Christopher Alan with Photocentric at Creativation 2017

Christopher Alan with Photocentric at Creativation 2017

I got a chance to catch up with Christopher Alan the creative genius of Brutus Monroe at Creativation 2017.  He gave me some sneak peaks into some of the amazing new products that have just come out, plus also a little tidbit of what is to come for 2017!!

Here is the video I got with Christopher Alan at the Photocentric booth where he was demoing his stamps, dies, inks, and stencils.


He talks about the amazing Stamp Cargo Sleeves at the end of the video and how wonderful they are to help organize your acrylic and rubber stamps.

Christopher shows you the fun FREE printable insert you can get for the stamp sleeves and they look like this.

Just CLICK HERE to go directly to the printable and get your amazing FREE Brutus Monroe printable stamp storage insert!!

I know I need some help organize my stamps, they are a mess!!  These little storage sleeves are perfect, and you can store multiple stamps in ones sleeve, plus add the die set that matched them!!  Amazing!!

Erin Reed - Designer & Artist
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