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Brutus Monroe Deco Foil

Brutus Monroe Deco Foil

Hello Creative Ones,

Brutus Monroe has made card creating even easier then ever. Using the new Brutus Monroe Toner Sheets - Marble (design) and blue Deco Foil a stunning background is created with minimal effort. Add a die cut sentiment and a sub-sentiment embossed in Brutus Monroe Denium on a coordinating banner and you are finished. Acrylic bubbles can and should be added for a little pop.  

How easy this would be if you needed multiples of the same card. What a time saver!

Share your time saver cards at Brutus Monroe Facebook Fan Page with us.


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Katherine K. Carlilsle - September 26, 2018

This is phenomenal! I Love it. So happy and bold all at the same time

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